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This page presents the design of a two-motor, two-touch-sensor LEGO robot, nicknamed the LEGObug. This ``turtle style'' robot is a great platform for carrying the Handy Board controller, to serve as an example robot for a wide range of applications. LEGObug has space for mounting additional sensors.

LEGObug was designed to satisfy a number of design considerations. Most importantly, it should be a simple and functional vehicle for carrying out experiments and projects. Additionally, it should serve as an example of good LEGO design, use commonly available LEGO parts, and be reliable. Please let me know whether you think this to be true.

The LEGObug assembly instructions begin with a listing of the necessary parts, and then continue on successive pages with several diagrams per page.

The LEGObug is an original design Copyright 1996 Fred G. Martin. I would like to thank Randy Sargent, who first showed me the worm-to-24--tooth gear arrangement using the 9v LEGO motor, and Rick Borovoy, who repeatedly destroyed my successive attempts at creating a stable machine.

Performance note! Make sure that you do not put tires on the front wheels. In order to turn, LEGObug must be able to slide sideways on the front wheel hubs.

LEGObug Parts Listing                    

To begin, procure the parts listed below.

Category Quantity Description
Motor/Sensor 2
9v LEGO motor
9v LEGO touch sensor
9v LEGO motor cable
Blocks 1 8x16 LEGO building block (green)
Beams 2
1x2 LEGO Technic beam
1x4 LEGO Technic beam
1x8 LEGO Technic beam
1x12 LEGO Technic beam
1x16 LEGO Technic beam
Plates 2
1x3 LEGO plate
2x3 LEGO plate
2x4 LEGO plate
2x8 LEGO plate
Gears/Axles 2
8--tooth LEGO gear
24--tooth LEGO gear
40--tooth LEGO gear
LEGO worm gear
4--long LEGO axle
6--long LEGO axle
Wheels 2
medium LEGO pulley wheels (23 mm)
full-width LEGO stop bush
half-width LEGO stop bush
LEGO tire hub
LEGO tire (42 mm)

Om de legobug te bouwen klik op de "NEXT"knop hieronder. Je komt dan op de pagina's met foto's van de verschillende bouwstadia. 


Parts Sources

Allen Ambler ( has compiled a list of LEGO parts kits that can be used to build LEGObug. His work is generously reproduced here with his permission.
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